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Innovative Sensor Technology has been a manufacturer of thin-film platinum and nickel RTD temperature sensors since 1991. Our headquarters is in Switzerland and our US division is located in Las Vegas, NV. The core technology of all IST products is thin-film deposition. There are many advantages to thin-film as opposed to wire-wound RTDs: they can operate in the harshest conditions while experiencing minimal drift, they are more resistant to vibration, and are more affordable to manufacture. We apply our expertise in thin-film deposition to develop measurement solutions that are consistent and reliable. We manufacture standard and custom sensors for system integrators in the process control, building automation, test & measurement, medical, and appliance industries. Additionally, our R&D staff and own in-house clean room based fabrication allows us to create custom sensors designs starting from samples scale, all the way to mass production supplies in short time. Staying consistent with the Swiss standard of quality, we have been ISO 9001 and 14001 certified since 1997. IST has one of the best equipped front-end production lines for thin-film sensors, operating in clean rooms to class 1000. The automatic assembly technology we use ensures the highest quality product with an optimal price-performance ratio. Precise measuring instruments in our laboratories allow for calibration of temperature, humidity and flow. Furthermore, we continue to audit, revise and expand our quality control methods to ensure we continue producing the best products. Learn more by contacting us today!

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