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The majority of the time these elements are made up of coiled wire that is spun around glass or ceramic. This material has a predictable change in resistance which is directly related to the change in temperature, because of this relationship it becomes simple to figure out the temperature based on the resistance. Read Moreā€¦

RTD Sensors RTD sensors, or resistance temperature detectors, can also be referred to as resistance thermometers as they are used to measure the temperature through a process in which the resistance of the RTD element is correlated with the overall temperature.

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In business since 1972, Thermo Sensors Corporation is a leading thermocouple manufacturer of an array of many products and services. Thermo Sensors provides the chemical, petrochemical, refining, food, pharmaceutical and other industries with options of standard & special designs. Contact them for information about their products, competitive pricing & rapid delivery!

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Quakertown, PA  |  800-784-3783

We manufacture a full line of Thermocouples to fit your application. Temperatures from cryogenic to 4000F, and sizes ranging from needle thin to several thousand pound multipoint temperature sensors. In addition to our standardized product lines, TTEC offers design solutions to meet the specific needs of your application. Our products are in use worldwide, in almost every industry. Give us a call today to discuss your requirements.

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St. Francis, MN  |  800-272-5709

Temperature Specialists, Incorporated is a manufacturer of quality thermocouples. Temperature Specialists provide solutions for your sensing needs by building to meet your specifications. Feel free to visit their comprehensive and helpful website for full descriptions of their state-of-the-art line of quality products and services or call their experts with any questions.

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Danvers, MA  |  978-777-0070

Backer Hotwatt manufactures a complete line of electric heating elements for a wide range of uses. We offer a broad product line of cartridge heating elements, tubular heating elements and immersion heating elements. Custom heating elements-crankcase heaters, ceramic heaters and more are available, such as heating coils & ceramic heating elements. We have been creating heating elements for 60 years.

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Reno, NV  |  800-257-3526

As a supplier of thermal products such as thermostats, thermistors, thermocouples, panel instruments, photo cells and knobs, our range of products are ready for shipment to your door. Our thermistors are used for sensing surface temperatures. We can also manufacture special electronic controls.

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RTD sensors can come in a variety of designs and forms all of which offer certain advantages such as greater stability, accuracy, and repeatability according to the application in which they are placed. Many of these different RTD sensor designs offer far more advantages than a thermocouple would offer in the same application. For a RTD sensor to function properly though, the wire that is wrapped around the ceramic or glass core must be kept completely contaminant-free. This wire can be made up of a number of different materials all of which have their own set of benefits, so choosing a wire material should be based on your requirements and application setting.

Platinum wires, for example, exhibit a very linear relationship between resistance and temperature, are resistant to vibrations, and have minimal differential expansion. Because of these benefits platinum wire may be the best choice for your application, but it is also costly. So if your application does not need all of the benefits platinum offers, a simple copper or iron wire may be better suited for your application.

Knowing your application and what you need from your RTD sensor is perhaps the most important step in the process. When looking at RTD sensors it is also important to note that there are two main groups in which all RTD sensors are categorized, immersion sensors and surface sensors. Immersion sensors are installed in your application in a way that ensures proper contact with the process medium, keeping external influences to a minimum.

Immersion sensors are often used to measure fluid or gas temperatures. Surface sensors, on the other hand, are generally utilized when it is not possible to totally immerse the sensor in the material or object of interest. These sensors require additional insulation to ensure accuracy, but they get the job done when an immersion sensor cannot. So whatever your needs may be, it is important to find a trusted RTD sensor manufacturer to get the job done right.

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