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Heat sensors are basically a transducer in which an electrical signal is generated that is directly related to the overall heat rate at the surface of the heat sensor. This heat rate is then used to calculate the overall heat flux. Heat flux is known as the rate in which heat energy can transfer through a surface per unit time. Read More…

Heat Sensors A heat sensor is used to measure the rate of heat change or heat flux within an application. These sensors can be used in a wide range of applications and function in different ways in order to get the best possible heat flux reading within their specific application.

In business since 1972, Thermo Sensors Corporation is a leading thermocouple manufacturer of an array of many products and services.

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We manufacture a full line of Thermocouples to fit your application. Temperatures from cryogenic to 4000F, and sizes ranging from needle thin to several thousand pound multipoint temperature sensors.

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Kelvin Technologies is a high-quality thermocouple manufacturer, representative, and distributor for all of your electrical heating, temperature controlling, and temperature sensing requirements. Our products are engineered and manufactured in-house to address specific requirements, such as higher temperatures and more compact profiles. With over 100 years of combined experience, all of us at...

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Temperature Specialists, Incorporated is a manufacturer of quality thermocouples. Temperature Specialists provide solutions for your sensing needs by building to meet your specifications. Feel free to visit their comprehensive and helpful website for full descriptions of their state-of-the-art line of quality products and services or call their experts with any questions.

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Acrolab has a diverse and comprehensive database consisting of thousands of application solutions that have aided our customers in resolving thermal management processing challenges, increasing their production rates and the bottom line. We work with your team to supply thermal management expertise, along with all the services and components to provide a complete application solution.

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Since 1971, Thermalogic has been a leading manufacturer of electronic temperature and humidity control and sensors. Here at Thermalogic we work with our clients in a partnership to build a lasting business relationship. All of our products have quick turnaround times, including custom designs, and are thoroughly tested prior to being sent out. At Thermalogic we pride ourselves on our high...

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Backer Hotwatt manufactures a complete line of electric heating elements for a wide range of uses. We offer a broad product line of cartridge heating elements, tubular heating elements and immersion heating elements.

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We have over 81 years of successful manufacturing experience and we offer a wide range of solutions. Our thermostats are utilized in industries including HVAC, process heating, food service, laboratory tank heating, industrial system control, and more. We have made it our mission to remain on the forefront of our industry and we work closely with our customers to ensure maximum satisfaction.

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These heat sensors are a great addition to a number of applications because they can be used to study the impact of fire and flames on a surface, estimate fouling on the surface of a boiler and many other ways which benefit both the safety of individuals and the overall efficiency of a process.

Perhaps the three most common applications in which to find heat sensors happen to be in the meteorology and agricultural fields, building physics, and in medical studies. Heat sensors are used in the agricultural field in order to determine the amount of energy that can be stored within soil over a certain period of time. This is done by burying multiple sensors in the soil where they are left to measure the overall heat flux of the area. Now this process is not 100% accurate as there are a lot of different factors in play that might interrupt the results, but heat sensors are the best way to measure the heat flux of an area.

They are also used in the construction of buildings, in that they are utilized to measure the heat flux inside walls in order to determine if the walls are adequately insulated or if they are allowing too much heat to pass through them. Heat sensors are also found in the medical studies field where they are used to properly measure the exchange of heat within a human body. This information is also used to design sleeping bags, clothing, and immersion suits.

So whatever your application may be, be sure to seek out a trusted heat sensor manufacturer in order to receive a heat sensor that is right for your application.

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