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For over 50 years Thermalogic has specialized in the efficient delivery of built-to-order temperature, humidity and process controls, temperature sensor assemblies and temperature and humidity

transmitters. We can work from your drawings, sketches, descriptions, ideas or obsolete product to

meet your exact needs. Our custom build philosophy offers solutions that are not readily available with

off-the-shelf products.

Our product platforms are a starting point for our new customers

Control Platforms:

TempGuard® Analog: An extensive line of non-indicating, rugged analog controls from single zone to

multiple zone controls

TempGuard® Microprocessor: Non-indicating microprocessor based controls for more complex

applications where more elaborate computing power is required.

DigiTherm®: Indicating microcontroller based controls where a visual indication is necessary

Master Series®: Elaborate multi-zone microcontroller based controls for demanding applications where

many parameters and application specific processes may be controlled simultaneously in a single


Sensor and Transmitter Platforms:

Temperature Sensors: Built to order RTD, Thermistor, and Thermocouple probe assemblies

HumiSense®: Relative Humidity Transmitters (both analog and digital)

SureSignal®: Temperature and humidity signal conditioners and transmitters fit for industrial use

Thermalogic manufactures a full line of temperature measurement products, including Thermocouples,

RTD's, Thermistors, Semiconductors, Transmitters, Transducers, Solid State, Co2, Co, VOC, Linear

Networks and Curve Matching Sensors

Built to order temperature sensor assemblies have multiple options for sheaths: Tubular, Open Air,

Square Block, Straight or Bent, Custom Housings, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass and Coatings and

Platings. Multiple options for Fittings: Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Plastic, Surface Mount, NPT

Thread, Any Size SAE Thread, Wall Mount Cage, Flanges;

Thermocouples Power Pages

RTD Sensors

RTD Sensors

An RTD, resistance temperature detector, is a passive temperature sensing device that operates on the principle that the resistance of a metal changes as the temperature changes. The electrical current that passes through the element...

Temperature Sensors

Temperature Sensors

Temperature sensors are devices that detect and measure coolness and hotness and convert it into an electrical signal. Temperature sensors are utilized in our daily lives, be it in the form of domestic water heaters...



A thermistor, a shortened version of the term thermal resistor, is a passive component whose resistance changes as the temperature in a system changes. Thus they serve as an inexpensive, accurate, and dynamic method for measuring temperature...



A thermocouple is a transducer that converts thermal energy into electrical energy and is constructed by joining wires made from dissimilar metals to form a junction. Voltage is produced when the temperature at the junction changes...



A thermowell is a pressure-tight vessel that safeguards and increases the lifespan of temperature sensors in processing plants in cases where a measuring sensor is not otherwise mechanically or chemically useful in...

Cartridge Heater

Cartridge Heater

A cartridge heater is a cylindrical tubular heating device that provides concise and precise heating for various forms of materials, machinery, and equipment. Unlike an immersion heater, a cartridge heater is inserted into a hole in the item to be heated to furnish internal radiant heat...

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