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At Thermalogic Corporation, we have specialized in the efficient delivery of built-to-order temperature, humidity, and process controls, temperature sensor assemblies, and temperature and humidity transmitters since 1971. We pride ourselves on being able to work from our customers' drawings, sketches, descriptions, ideas, or obsolete products to meet their exact needs. Our custom build philosophy offers solutions that are not readily available with off-the-shelf products.

Our product platforms are a starting point for new customers, including control platforms like TempGuard® Analog, TempGuard® Microprocessor, DigiTherm®, and Master Series®, as well as sensor and transmitter platforms like temperature sensors, HumiSense®, and SureSignal®. We manufacture a full line of temperature measurement products, including thermocouples, RTD's, thermistors, semiconductors, transmitters, transducers, solid-state, Co2, Co, VOC, linear networks, and curve matching sensors.

Thermalogic Corporation is a leading provider of thermocouples and related products and services, catering to the needs of a wide range of industries. Our products are available in a variety of configurations, including Type J, Type K, Type T, Type E, and Type N, and we offer a range of accessories to complement our products.

We provide a comprehensive range of thermocouple services to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our team of experts is available to assist our clients throughout the entire process, from design and engineering to manufacturing and installation. We offer calibration services to ensure that our products meet the highest level of accuracy and reliability, and we provide repair and maintenance services to ensure that our clients' equipment is always operating at its best.

Our team of engineers and designers is equipped to handle even the most complex thermocouple challenges. We utilize the latest technology and equipment to ensure that our products meet the highest level of precision and quality. We have extensive experience in custom thermocouple fabrication services, enabling us to design and manufacture tailored solutions that meet our clients' unique needs. In addition, we offer a range of secondary operations, including welding, brazing, and soldering, to provide our clients with a complete solution for their thermocouple needs.

At Thermalogic Corporation, we are a team of experts committed to quality, innovation, and customer service. With a diverse range of products, services, and capabilities, we are well-equipped to meet the unique needs of our clients. Whether you're looking to improve your existing thermocouple operations or create a new solution from scratch, we are ready to help you achieve your goals.

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RTD Sensors

RTD Sensors

An RTD, resistance temperature detector, is a passive temperature sensing device that operates on the principle that the resistance of a metal changes as the temperature changes. The electrical current that passes through the element...



A thermistor, a shortened version of the term thermal resistor, is a passive component whose resistance changes as the temperature in a system changes. Thus they serve as an inexpensive, accurate, and dynamic method for measuring temperature...



A thermocouple is a transducer that converts thermal energy into electrical energy and is constructed by joining wires made from dissimilar metals to form a junction. Voltage is produced when the temperature at the junction changes...

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